Case Studies

Pivot Point

Streamlining Reinsurance Broker Operations

Learn how a SaaS-based reinsurance platform helped two reinsurance brokers from different regions to streamline their operations, automate their data processing, connect their global offices, and work remotely during the pandemic..

Pivot Point

A Major Reinsurance Broker Achieved Operational Excellence with CATEX’s Pivot Point application

See how the broker migrated 25 years of data, integrated an acquired firm, and kept its business afloat during the pandemic without jeopardizing safety and integrity of its critical data

Data Vera for Binders & Pivot Point

A SaaS Solution for Managing Large-Scale Transaction Data from MGA and TPA Partners

Discover how the CHANGE PRIOR “THE” TO AN insurer by using CATEX’s configurable rules engine, workflow-driven processing, integrated reconciliations, and robust data backup achieved cost savings.

Data Vera for Exposure Management

How Data Vera Boosted the Quality and Efficiency of SOV Cleansing for an Insurer

See how a custom implementation of Data Vera enhanced the SOV cleansing process for a multi-national insurer with data consistency, accuracy, automation, and traceability.


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