Pivot Point

A single system: Pivot Point is a transaction software platform that includes a CRM system; placement and contract system; data cleansing and validation system; contract repository; contract negotiation tracking system; accounting system; premium and claim invoice generating system; payment recording system; debit and credit entry journal; claim management system; and a robust MI reporting function available to extract data reports in real-time.

Ease and speed of Access: Pivot Point is offered as a hosted, web-based application and is in use by insurers, reinsurers, syndicates, reinsurance brokers and delegated authority business partners in six continents.

Fully fit for purpose: Pivot Point’s modules include Data Management; Placement; Data Modeling and Analysis; Contracts; Accounting; Settlements; and Claims.

Platform scope: Pivot Point allows licensees to operate multiple entities on a common data base yet with separate financial ledgers and user authorities. A worldwide organization, encompassing many different locations with many different corporate entities, and even entities with different business functions, for example a broker and an MGA, are manageable using Pivot Point.

Roll-up aggregation of data, whether on an insured; geographic; LOB; or premium/claim level, can be provided at a holding company level while retaining per-entity data statistics for holding company aggregate review on any basis including LOB, geographic, claim size, etc.

Licensees can make system available to clients: Pivot Point has web-based extra-net capability to permit platform licensees to open the system to their clients and business partners for data submission or reporting information.

Data Vera data cleansing and validation: Pivot Point has been operational for over a decade and is a mature system encompassing transactions in hundreds of LOB’s with particular expertise in reinsurance broker and delegated authority business. Additionally, Pivot Point’s Data Vera data cleansing and validation component has attracted attention of insurers dealing with large volumes of risk and location data that must be submitted for modeling.

Pivot Point has implemented transmission of cleansed and validated data, comported to specific modeling templates including Oasis, AIR and CoreLogic and the return of modeled results to Pivot Point for development of on-line rate formulation.

Platform particulars: Pivot Point software is Microsoft .Net software and is ACCORD compliant. Data exports may easily be made to legacy systems and to required regulatory systems as needed.

Over $7 billion annually in premiums and claims are transacted on Pivot Point from DUA, treaty, facultative business placed by and with reinsurers, MGA’s reinsurance brokers, coverholders, coverholder brokers and binder markets.