Using Pivot Point technology hundreds of users process and clear billions of dollars annually in premium and claims involving hundreds of markets and brokers worldwide. The Pivot Point System is available 24/7 and is globally supported 24/7. Pivot Point is 100% web based and you may access the entire system anywhere in the world as easily as you can from your office desk.
Many of the companies we meet with regarding our system have multiple transaction systems. Most have separate and distinct CRM systems, placement, binder, accounting, contract, claims and MI systems. Very few companies, whether they are brokers, managing agents or underwriters, or risk bearers, have configured these discrete systems to communicate easily with each other, in real time, and very few can produce MI data for senior management immediately.
CATEX’s Pivot Point Transaction Systems are the antithesis of the multiple system approach. CATEX’S Pivot Point Transaction Systems utilize common data base elements to ensure that data entered at any juncture of the transaction is instantly incorporated in all of the System’s modules. Data entered into the placement segment of the System, for example, is automatically incorporated into the System’s other segments, as well as into the various data fields contained in Pivot Point’s other segments such as premiums, claims, contracts, and accounting, as is also immediately entered in all of the appropriate database fields for all of these segments.
As a result, with Pivot Point contract, placement, claims and accounting specialists can work on their tasks but since all of these specialists work within one system, as opposed to multiple systems, innumerable items of data flow through the Pivot Point System only once, when entered, and do not need to be re-entered by specialists in separate systems. This saves time and money for our clients, and also greatly reduces the chance of errors through re-keying.
Since all of CATEX’s Pivot Point Systems are 100% web based, our clients can choose to establish extra-net capability which permits them to invite clients, markets, or brokers on to their system. Clients can choose to allow business partners with access only to a specific degree – to obtain proposals or statements, for example. Claims management is also greatly simplified by use of the extra-net facility. All access can be monitored down to the keystroke.
We provide to all of our clients full implementation and training services. We accomplish this through our personnel located in the United States (our main office in Princeton, New Jersey), London (our office is across from Lloyd’s), as well as through the services of our independent training and implementation consultants working out of the Middle East (Lebanon) and South Asia (India). With our global reach, we endeavor to understand fully our clients’ business and assist them with their functional gap analysis and business processes, with the goal being the optimization of our Pivot Point Transaction System.
We’ve been in this market for a long time. We are well known in the industry and have used our experience in the business to good use. Rarely do we give a demonstration of the CATEX Pivot Point Transaction System to a prospective client where the reaction to it is anything other than astonishment at how seamless the product functions across all segments of the prospective client’s business.
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