CATEX has developed and operates dozens of reinsurance and commercial insurance systems globally processing nearly $7 billion annually in premium and claims. CATEX is licensed by the New York Insurance Department as a reinsurance intermediary that acts in a neutral capacity.

CATEX was formed in 1994 as a reinsurance risk exchange (The CATEX Global Exchange). Essentially, from inception, the company has been immersed in the search for more efficient reinsurance and insurance premium and claims processing. The Pivot Point Transaction System 1.0 was the company’s first product to replicate and streamline, in a 100% web based environment, the entire reinsurance transaction. The system remains in operation today in over a dozen countries.
In 2009 CATEX completed the development of Pivot Point 2.0 which is a completely overhauled, 100%, .Net version of the original Pivot Point System. The look, feel and presentation of Pivot Point 2.0 is completely different than Pivot Point 1.0. It is based on the premise that all information related to a particular risk or contract should be instantly available and viewable by a user. Suddenly, individual location data, claim history, payment history, experience information, and more, are available in one glance to a user working on a contract.
For more customized information each Pivot Point 2.0 System is licensed with the Mosaic Reporting Suite. Mosaic allows users to parse, compare and contrast any data collected by the system retrospectively or currently. Real time data reporting of each step in the transaction process can be aggregated and compared to similar data in your books of business. Mosaic is designed so that your line users can develop their own reports and use them repeatedly.
CATEX offers Pivot Point and other products as licensed service. We have hosting facilities on three continents and we guarantee that your system will be available 99.99% of the time. We are a privately owned company and we maintain contractual arrangements with the world’s largest software and IT infrastructure companies to assist us in the deployment and implementation of our specialized systems.
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