CATEX builds its own software applications for solution deployments to the global risk industry. CATEX technology is protected by copyright, patents and pending patents. CATEX uses Microsoft technology nearly exclusively and has been a Microsoft Certified Partner since 2008.

The CATEX hosting provider for all its solutions and its hot backup solution is Datapipe. CATEX applications are hosted in SSAE16 environments managed by Datapipe. Many multiples of operational redundancies and performance level assurances are built into the CATEX hosting solution that have recommended and evaluated by the DataPipe hosting team.

CATEX system security is enhanced by multi-factor authentication services implemented by industry leading data security provider SecureAuth.

CATEX applications are available 24/7 and are continuously monitored by a team of CATEX and Datapipe experts. Each application license agreement mandates CATEX response metrics should any system difficulty arise. CATEX guarantees that system access is provided 99.99% of the year, or for “four nines” availability.