CATEX software applications are involved in managing the core operations of some of the world’s largest players in the reinsurance industry. As the use of the CATEX Data Vera application continues to expand CATEX often finds itself being asked for advice about utilization of “big data”, exposure management and flexible underwriting capabilities designed to react when opportunities present themselves.

These recent developments in the CATEX data management practice offered by Data Vera, when combined with the over $7 billion annual throughput in premiums and claims processed on its software, has afforded CATEX a unique position from which to observe the re-insurance industry. Added to this perspective are the thousands of meetings in London, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the US that have provided CATEX a list second to none, as an industry provider, of key contacts and business partners throughout the world.

CATEX maintains contact with the industry several ways.

Each month we sent a detailed newsletter called CATEX Reports to over 15,000 industry personnel. Unlike many vendor newsletters CATEX Reports is not a vehicle for discussion of our products but a sober analysis of industry trends and developments over the prior month. CATEX Reports also includes a regular column from award winning industry humorist Roger Crombie. CATEX Reports is widely read throughout the industry and we’ve noted other news sources cite stories which first appeared there.

Each business day CATEX TV produces and transmits a daily television news program. The program, which typically runs seven or eight minutes in length, features news stories pertaining to the risk industry that may be of interest to underwriters, claim personnel and executives in the industry. The CATEX TV audio feed is picked up daily by a US-based listener supported Internet and FM radio station called Radio Newark and played five times daily. We’ve received postcards from people in Africa, Asia and South America who have heard the broadcast.

CATEX sponsors and attends numerous industry conferences each year in the United Kingdom, Europe and the United States. Topics ranging from Fintech, to Insuretech, to CAT Modelling, to Binder Management Systems and much more have been the focus of recent conferences either sponsored by and or attended by CATEX.

CATEX is integrally involved in monitoring industry developments in London and the US. CATEX, for example, is an associate member of OASIS in London and is a participant on three of the working groups operating under the Lloyd’s TOM umbrella to modernize Lloyd’s practices. CATEX is a member of ACORD and works closely our clients to improve their data standards so that data can be easily transmitted to business partners. CATEX is involved with Xchanging in London to ensure that its system output comply with London messaging standards for transmission of premium, settlement and claim instructions for London market settlements.

Of course, our clients will tell you that we remain closely involved with them too via mandatory weekly meetings to ensure that applications are performing as expected.