Pivot Point for (Re)Insurers

Merger and acquisition activity often cause reinsurers to be bedeviled by multiple systems. Different systems, for example, can exist for placements; bound contracts; accounting; claim management and MI reporting.

Managing disparate systems is a challenge. In an environment that requires a chief underwriter to understand the impact of prospective and current business on the company’s aggregate exposure the challenge intensifies. In today’s environment of lowered premium rates; poor investment returns; and abundant capacity, maintaining “underwriting discipline” can be difficult if processing systems are not unified and data cannot be presented to decision makers in a clear and coherent manner.

The web-based Pivot Point software for reinsurers addresses these issues. Pivot Point offers a reinsurer the ability to unify its underwriting, accounting, claims and MI processes on one platform and to establish sub-systems for use by disparate entities throughout the world.

The Data Vera application permits reinsurers to import bulk data rapidly and accurately, with a minimum of human intervention, and employ Data Vera analytic tools to examine the effect of underwriting on aggregate exposure or to send to modelers for analysis. Export of Data Vera structured data may be accomplished to legacy or internal systems as well.