CATEX Grants License to SCOR for Data Vera System

Princeton, NJ – January 26, 2015
CATEX announced its grant of a worldwide license to SCOR to Data Vera a key component of the CATEX Pivot Point Transaction System.

CATEX CEO Frank Fortunato said “SCOR is one of the top five reinsurers in the world, and SCOR’s teams in Paris, London, New York and Chicago are well known to us. We are confident that we will make SCOR’s implementation of Data Vera a significant success for them.”

Data Vera is a SaaS application that imports unstructured spreadsheets of all shapes and sizes, analyzes and validates every single data cell based on configured rules or learned behavior, and auto corrects data automatically based on learned behaviors without having to setup or manage cumbersome templates and/or having to manually pre-process the incoming spreadsheets. Data Vera enables online collaboration, both within the company and with business partners, to quickly resolve any data issues. Data Vera, also, maintains a strict audit log that tracks any changes made to the incoming data by either the user or auto corrected by the system.

Once the data is validated and cleansed according to the enterprise data standards, Data Vera can export the data in virtually any format (XML, CVS, Excel, Word, PDF, etc.) to support a variety of business activities including exposure modeling, ratings, industry reporting standards (Lloyds/Acord), and system integrations. User can manually extract the data using online tools or data can be automatically delivered using web service integration, emails, or using secured download clients.

Data Vera also provides in-depth graphical analysis of the incoming and its impact on existing data. For example, the user can track aggregates/deductibles in real-time across the system as data is analyzed and validates. Data Vera analytics provides another layer of data quality assurance before the data moves to the next step.

The Pivot Point platform currently supports client operations in 20 countries; processes premium volumes of more than USD $5.5 billion annually; settles transactions in 75 currencies; and distributes invoices in 6 languages. Data Vera is a critical component of the Pivot Point System permitting speedy and accurate data import of risks to be transacted through the overall system.

CATEX has been providing insurance and reinsurance software to clients since 1994.

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