CATEX Releases March Transaction Processing Data for its Pivot Point
Systems Worldwide

Princeton, April 5, 2007
PRINCETON, April, 2007 – The Catastrophe Risk Exchange, Inc. (CATEX) today announced selected, aggregate transaction processing data generated by licensees on its Pivot Point Reinsurance & Insurance Transaction Systems during the month of March 2007. The information will be formally released during a live broadcast on CATEXTV at today at 3 pm EDT (2000 GMT).

The following aggregate data reflects only transaction processing occurring during the period beginning March 1, 2007 and ending March 31, 2007:

• 12,093 reinsurance & insurance programs were placed on the systems
• 13,866 reinsurance layers, policies or certificates were placed on the systems
• 26,000 reinsurers & markets were added to individual placements on the system
• 240 bordereau reports were uploaded to & processed on the systems
• 11,802 invoices & statements were posted on the system
• 38,055 ledger transactions were posted to the systems
• 3,521 documents totaling 1 gigabyte were added to the systems
• 26,888 communications were generated on the system
• 5,053 separate system work sessions were recorded by system servers

Over two dozen Pivot Point Systems are currently licensed for use and are operating in 11 countries worldwide. Each Pivot Point System is completely web based, and CATEX regularly updates the Pivot Point System with functionality enhancements posted to its web servers.

About Pivot Point Transaction System
Pivot Point is a 100% web-based, end-to-end transaction system encompassing reinsurance and insurance placement, underwriting, claims, accounting and financial reporting for brokers, agents and risk-bearers (i.e., reinsurers or insurers). Companies can manage their entire transaction process in one seamless environment. The fully web-based application is developed using Microsoft technology and affords full system access over the Internet within tight security parameters. This technology reduces operating costs and gives accessibility to individuals on travel or back-office staff in remote locations with no infrastructure re-working. The system represents a quantum leap forward in the application of web-based technology, providing an ideal solution for risk-bearers and intermediaries alike.

The Catastrophe Risk Exchange, Inc. (CATEX) is a leading developer of web based insurance and reinsurance software. CATEX provides software as a service to brokers, agencies and reinsurers to manage all of their Treaty, facultative and commercial insurance needs. CATEX’s flagship products, CATEX Pivot Point and Data Vera, are Microsoft .NET based solutions that provide placement, contract management, fiduciary accounting, ledger control, claims management, multi-currency settlements, bordereau processing, document management, data conversion, and comprehensive MI reporting functionalities. CATEX has been operating since 1994 and is licensed by the New York Insurance Department as a reinsurance intermediary that acts in a neutral capacity.

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