Jansen and Hastings Intermediaries Ltd. (JHI) Licenses CATEX Pivot Point

London, Jan. 21 2004
CATEX announced today that the London based insurance intermediary Jansen and Hastings Intermediaries Ltd., a group company of the BMS Group, has agreed to license a CATEX developed web-based insurance transaction system. This system is based upon the CATEX proprietary Pivot Point Technology and will be adopted by Jansen and Hastings Intermediaries Ltd. as their core-operating platform.

The CATEX Pivot Point system has been developed exclusively using Microsoft(R) technology and provides a full range of components for both insurance and reinsurance transactions as managed by an intermediary. The entirely web-based system will permit Jansen and Hastings Intermediaries Ltd. to effectively manage all of their front-end business and all technical accounting in real time from one central operating platform at any time of day and from any location in the world. The Pivot Point technology has been customized to accommodate specific client requests that will provide Jansen and Hastings Intermediaries Ltd. with a system that will deliver enhanced efficiencies throughout the group.

Jansen and Hastings Intermediaries Ltd. expects that with time they will allow clients and insurance markets to access their own information on the system, which is expected to enhance business interactions and relationships with clients and markets.

Kevin Hastings, Managing Director of Jansen and Hastings Intermediaries Ltd. said, "Using CATEX's Pivot Point technology we have designed an insurance based IT operating platform which will not only benefit our clients and markets through advanced communication functionality, it will also enhance internal capabilities and deliver significant cost efficiencies."

CATEX CEO, Frank Fortunato said, "We are pleased to be able to offer Jansen and Hastings a core operating system based upon the CATEX Pivot Point Technology. We are confident that this system will provide Jansen and Hastings with the efficiencies that they require."

About Jansen & Hastings Intermediaries Ltd
Jansen & Hastings Intermediaries Ltd. is a specialist North American casualty insurance intermediary. The company places its clients insurance business into London, European, Bermudan and the Domestic US markets.

With a dedicated focus in the sensitive and tougher areas of hard to place US casualty business, Jansen and Hastings has developed an expertise and excellent reputation for solving difficult problems through their strong relationships, attention to detail and innovative approaches.

Jansen & Hastings Intermediaries Ltd. benefits from the collective strength of being a member of the BMS Group (Ballantyne, McKean & Sullivan Ltd.).

The first company in the BMS Group (Ballantyne, McKean & Sullivan Ltd.) was founded in 1980 and admitted as a Lloyd's broker in 1984. BMS initially focused on placing North American non-marine reinsurance business in the London and European markets, but rapidly grew and expanded its range of specialist insurance and reinsurance services. As a result of this the Group now comprises a dozen operating companies serving clients in the UK, Continental Europe, North America and many other parts of the world.

More information about Jansen & Hastings and the BMS Group may be found at www.bmsgroup.com

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