Pivot Point for MGAs

Managing General Agencies writing either program/binder business, or more complicated risks, on behalf of traditional carriers or alternative capital capacity are an increasingly popular and effective way to deploy underwriting capital in today’s market.

The CATEX Pivot Point software is a full transaction management application for either a newly formed MGA or an existing MGA looking to advance its systems into the 21st century. The software also includes basic rating engine tools and, license permitting, affords direct transmission of clean and verified data to modelers.

The Pivot Point MGA software allows the licensee to manage its contacts; track negotiate, bind or archive all incoming placement proposals; cleanse and verify incoming placement related data by use of Data Vera; generate aggregation comparisons; issue premium invoices; track and manage claims and afford any level of supervisory or viewing privilege to either clients or its markets.

The Pivot Point MGA software includes the powerful Mosaic Reporting tool, developed by CATEX, which allows an MGA to create either ad hoc or mandatory reports and attach pro-active warning notifications to desired levels.

The Pivot Point MGA software is web-based, intuitive and complete. It can be deployed cost-effectively in literally a matter of several weeks depending on client training availability.