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At any time during the day there are several hundred users engaged on CATEX Pivot Point Systems worldwide. CATEX Pivot Point Systems are in use in over twenty different countries and the system is deployed in six languages.
If the CATEX value proposition, that real time systems permit real time responses is to be fully achieved, then its system users need access to up to date information relating to risk.
This belief is the raison d'etre behind CATEX TV. Five days a week CATEX beams out a news broadcast over the Internet and can be watched on our Homepage at or on our YouTube Channel at
The broadcast is also heard on dozens of radio outlets worldwide and CATEX has broadcast breaking bulletins as well in response to quickly moving events. CATEX TV interviews newsmakers when appropriate and has a typical daily viewing audience in the low four figures.
All of the CATEX TV newsmaker interviews are always available for viewing at
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