Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

CATEX has developed a BPO practice for data cleansing, validation, error handling and export to specified destination formats. CATEX created the Data Vera application and is intimately familiar with its capabilities and uses. The on-shore BPO team is resident in CATEX’s offices and has immediate access to application developers and business analysts in the event questions arise.

The CATEX BPO service competes favorably with off-shore data cleansing options in terms of both price and level of efficiency. The service is capable of outsource processing of small, one-off data uploads to regular monthly cleansing and uploads of hundreds of thousands of data records.

The CATEX BPO service operates from 9 am GMT to 10 pm GMT each business day and is conveniently available to time-zones in the UK, Europe and US. Arrangements can and have been made for BPO clients in Asian time zones.