Having successfully deployed over 100 systems worldwide over the last twenty years CATEX has penetrated virtually every market type in the reinsurance and commercial insurance sectors. There are few arrangements with which we are unfamiliar.

The common elements of our Pivot Point and Data Vera applications make that particular solutions ideal for brokers, MGA’s, DUA partners and reinsurers but occasionally we have encountered needs which require a specific bespoke solution.

CATEX maintains several bespoke systems which are heavily used on a daily basis throughout the world.

Our Pivot Point application is transactional at its core. With the binding, accounting, claim and MI expertise we have gained from Pivot Point deployments we have now added expertise with data management with the introduction of Data Vera.

Expertise in data management extends to understanding aggregate data and being proficient in mining all accessible data for comparison. As we continue to bolster Data Vera’s analytic capabilities we have found doors opening within even our existing clients to use our products to better understand data which may have been ignored in the past.

We have created the tools to run common threads through every bit of data that has ever been sent to you or created by you. Once that thread is created we can work with you to pull that data together so that you can better understand it and gain a competitive advantage from it.